This section provides a broad overview of the work of the committee. For recent news, click here.

During the 2017-2018 year, the Transportation Subcommittee has been active in the following areas:

  • Traffic Calming: We have worked closely with Coun. Nussbaum’s office, advising on areas where signage, pavement markings and flexiposts could improve safety for Manor Park residents. Our focus has been on the area surrounding MPPS.
  • Hemlock Traffic: We have met with affected residents of Rockcliffe Park and suggested to the City measures that might reduce speeding and the illegal use of Hemlock Rd. by heavy truck. Narrower traffic lanes and additional flexiposts have been implemented as part of the recent resurfacing project. We continue to advocate better enforcement of traffic bylaws along Hemlock.
  • Street Mural: We organized and implemented a street mural to brighten the large stretch of asphalt at the Ava/Eastbourne/Braemar intersection.
  • Downtown Tunnel: Through our membership in the Sustainable Solutions/Solutions durables organization, we continue to advocate at teh municipal, provincial and federal levels for the construction of a tunnel to remove surface traffic from King Edward, Rideau, Waller and Nicholas. Such a tunnel would not only improve quality of life for residents of Lowertown and Sandy Hill, but also blunt continuing efforts to resurrect the proposal for a Kettle Island Bridge.

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