Terms of Reference

  1. Build a broader and deeper membership base within the community at large.
    • Send specific flyers to the under-represented areas of the community regarding meetings and events
    • Boost the promotion in the MPCA List Serve
    • Liaise with leaders in the “micro” communities of Manor Park
  1. Establish a process to recruit Board Members who will actively support our strategic initiatives by leading or being on our four new Committees and other priorities established by the Board.
  2. Put on events that both encourage neighbourhood participation and inclusion as well as acting to fundraise enough to maintain the yearly operating costs of the MPCA
    • Spring event: Strawberry Social
    • Winter event: wine and cheese dance party
    • Create other on-going events
    • Work in concert with MPCA on events like “Rock The Block”
  1. Fund Raising:
    • Work with RRCRC to seek funding for MPCA and other community actions
    • Work with the MPCC and the Chronicle on profit sharing opportunities
    • Fund raise from other sources
  1. Establish a strong relationship with the Chronicle Board to ensure that the two groups are operating as a partnership:
    • Re-establish an active liaison person to share information
    • Meet with the Chronicle board to discuss possible joint events
  1. Increase subscription to the List Serve, Face Book Page and Web Site as means to effectively communicate with the Community.
  2. Reach out to the Francophone Community in Manor Park.
  3. Encourage community members to get involved in the different projects of the MPCA such as the Community Gardens, traffic and safety etc. by reaching out through our Social Media outlets and by actively seeking those with skill sets or interest that would be useful with certain projects identified by the Board.

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