Ever wonder about your neighbourhood, Manor Park, and the make-up of our community? The recently released 2016 Census of Canada has facts and figures which provide a glimpse into the demographics of our community and how we live our days (ie commuting to work for instance).

The Census provides a snapshot of residents of a community and is broken down into categories. These detailed categories and related information from Stats Canada can be found here as they release more information from the 2016 Census over the coming months. Some of the information released already includes population and dwelling counts, type of dwelling, language, and information on families and households.

The 2016 Census of Canada identifies two “census tracts” that exactly match the boundaries of Manor Park. These are “Manor Park West” (north of Hemlock Rd. from Birch Ave to the Aviation Parkway) and “Manor Park East” (between Hemlock Rd. and Montreal Rd. from St. Laurent Blvd to the Aviation Parkway).

Of noted interest (from the recent Census) are the defined differences between Manor Park East and Manor Park West which are important for understanding the diversity of our neighbourhood:

  • In Manor Park West, couples and families with children are the majority. In Manor Park East, nearly half the residents are aged 55 or older, and more than half live alone.
  • Manor Park East has about equal numbers of Anglophones and Francophones, plus a large minority (17%) of residents whose mother tongue is neither English nor French. Manor Park West is majority Anglophone, but also has a notable amount of Francophones (20%) and people who speak other languages (16%).
  • Median incomes are higher in Manor Park West; and more people live on government transfers and retirement savings in Manor Park East. Households living in low-income are more common in Manor Park East, but can also be seen in Manor Park West.

Stay tuned to learn more interesting facts about our Manor Park Neighbourhood!

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