MPCA acts as the voice of the Manor Park community on issues that may affect the quality of life in our community.  MPCA is strictly non-partisan, but works closely with our elected representatives the municipal, provincial and federal levels. Examples over the past decades where  MPCA has been active (and successful) include:

  • Stopping the Plan to make Hemlock a four-lane road;
  • Stopping the construction of the U.S. Embassy on Mile Circle;
  • Opposing (on three different occasions) the construction of a bridge at Kettle Island and the conversion of the Aviation Parkway into an expressway and truck route;
  • Opposing the construction of an 18 storey condo tower at the corner of Karen Way  and st. Laurent Blvd.

MPCA continues to monitor development and transportation issues. We support the umbrella group Sustainable Solutions/Solutions durables in their advocacy of a downtown tunnel as the best solution to solve the truck problem without building a new bridge and devastating residential communities. We participate in the advisory group that monitors the development at Wateridge Village, and we support efforts to discourage speeding on our roads and encourage public transit and active modes of transportation. We do not oppose new development, but advocate for development that is appropriate to the scale and character of our community.

In all of these activities, MPCA works closely with our neighbouring communities of Rockcliffe Park, Vanier, New Edinburgh, Carson Grove, Overbrook, etc.


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