Terms of Reference

  1. Monitor conditions and needs of vulnerable groups with an emphasis on elders and youth through:
    • Meeting regularly with social service groups including volunteer groups, faith-based organizations, schools and other organizations to understand their mandates and programs;
    • Communicate needs of vulnerable groups to these organizations, local business and with political representatives;
    • Partner with the MPCC, Manor Park School and other community organizations in their initiatives for vulnerable groups;
    • Partner with MPPC and RRCRC Provide opportunities for community organizations to meet; and
    • Support the work of the Rideau Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre in creating a successful Community Hub, in managing its Youth Strategy, and other initiatives as appropriate.
  1. Advocate for initiatives that serve the sense of belonging and well-being among all residents, including:
    • Encourage measures that promote inclusion at community events by understanding the needs and interests of different groups in the community.
  2. Promote measures to increase volunteerism in our community.
  3. In carrying out its work, members of the committee participate in relevant public consultations and work in cooperation with:
    • The Councilor for Rideau Rockcliffe;
    • City of Ottawa and NCC staff;
    • The Ottawa police and (in particular) the local community police officer;
    • Other community associations and volunteer groups with common interests.

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