Terms of Reference

  1. Monitor developments regarding transportation that could have an impact on Manor Park residents
  2. Advocate for safe and efficient transportation within Manor Park and the National Capital Region as a whole
    • Encourage measures that promote active and environmentally friendly modes of transportation (cycling, transit, walking)
    • Encourage compliance with traffic bylaws, including speed limits and route limitations on through trucks
    • Discourage use of residential streets as automobile commuter routes
  3. Promote measures to reduce crime within the community
    • Encourage citizens to report incidents and concerns
    • Track incidents to identify issues and problem areas
    • Organize safety audits as appropriate
  4. In carrying out its work, members of the Committee participate in relevant public consultations and work in cooperation with:
    • The Office of the Councillor for Rideau Rockcliffe
    • City of Ottawa and NCC staff
    • The Ottawa police and in particular the Community Police Officer
    • Other community associations and volunteer groups with common interests

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