What will the new Official Plan mean for you? // Ce que le Plan officiel veut dire pour vous?

Virtual community meeting Saturday March 6, 10-11 am // réunion de communauté virtuelle Samedi 6 Mars, 10H-11H

Click here for more information. The meeting is on Microsoft Teams and can be joined using this link. Guests will be asked to type their name but are not required to have an account.


Cliquez ici pour plus d’informations. La réunion est sur Microsoft Teams et peut être rejoint en utilisant ce lien. Les participants seront invités à s’identifier mais ne sont pas tenus d’avoir un compte Teamse. 

Manor Park Estates Survey // Sondage sur Manor Park Estates

The Manor Park Community Association would like to hear from you about the future redevelopment of Manor Park Estates. This survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. Please note that all responses are COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. You may visit the project website at manorparkcommunity.ca to find out more. Click here for the survey!


L’Association communautaire de Manor Park aimerait savoir ce que vous pensez du réaménagement de Manor Park Estates. Il vous suffira de cinq minutes pour répondre à ce questionnaire. Sachez que toutes les réponses restent ABSOLUMENT ANONYMES. Pour en savoir davantage sur le réaménagement, vous pouvez consulter le site du projet à manorparkcommunity.ca. Cliquez ici pour le sondage!

Comments on the Official Plan

MPCA brief on what the OP means for Manor Park

Despite not having seen any R1 revisions or documentation, it would suggest that an area like Manor Park will be expected to transition from a largely single residential to low-rise form over the next two decades. How that will be managed or implemented is not yet clear, but presumably the zoning reviews will be forthcoming. Have a look at the MPCA brief here.

Five-corner Intersection Design

Good news from the City - the five-corner intersection will be updated

With support from Councillor King, the City has agreed to address the safety issues and poor design of the five way intersection where Ava, Eastbourne, Braemar come together. The project will start with project design in 2021 but will not likely be completed until 2024. It has been allocated $1.2 million of the Federal Infrastructure Funds recently made available to the city.

Please read the briefing document written by Charl-Tom Bayer, MPCA Chair of the Development Review Committee. Please write the Committee if you have any comments. We will share our concerns and proposals for a solution to the city.

January-February Manor Park Chronicle

On-line only until COVID restrictions will allow safe printing and distribution

Due to restrictions announced by the Ontario Government on January 12, the printed copy of this edition will be delayed. An update on print dates will be provided when the situation is more clear but it will not be before February 11, 2021.

The current paper and all previous versions are available through our archive.

Letter to the Mayor and Council about Ward Boundary Changes

President Elizabeth McAllister has written to the City expressing the MCPA’s position about planned ward boundary changes and the negative impacts they will have on Manor Park and our neighbouring communities. This is a real problem and you should read the full letter here.

Letter to the Mayor about Divesting Fossil Fuel Investments

Continuing the MPCA’s support for responsible environmental stewardship, President Elizabeth McAllister and Environmental Committee chair Eugenie Waters have written to the City requesting that investments in fossil fuels be divested. Read the full letter here.

Pont de l'île Kettle / Kettle Island Bridge

MPCA virtual information session

The MPCA hosted a virtual meeting concerning interprovincial transportation on October 25th. A video of the discussion is linked here and you can also view the slide deck.

We encourage all residents to participate in the NCC survey which closes Monday Nov 2 at: https://ncc-ccn.questionpro.ca/a/TakeSurvey?tt=QMG%2BpfKEuBfUDsIDLwZUOg%3D%3D

John Forsey

Chair, MPCA Transportation and Safety Committee

Pont de l'île Kettle / Kettle Island Bridge

Consultation publique de la CCN sur le Plan intégré à long terme sur les liens interprovinciaux | NCC public consultation on the Long-term integrated interprovincial crossing plan

Dans le cadre de l’étude du Plan intégré à long terme sur les liens interprovinciaux de la région de la capitale du Canada, la Commission de la Capitale nationale mettra en place un sondage en ligne à l’intention du grand public, celui-ci se déroulera du 19 octobre au 2 novembre. Le sondage et d’autres documents de référence seront bientôt disponibles sur la page Web du projet à l’adresse https://ncc-ccn.gc.ca/projects/long-term-integrated-interprovincial-crossing-plan.


As part of the study of the Long-Term Integrated Interprovincial Crossing Plan in Canada’s Capital Region, the National Capital Commission will be conducting an online survey for the general public to give input, which will be from October 19 to Nov 2. The survey with additional reference material will be here on the project webpage soon: https://ncc-ccn.gc.ca/projects/long-term-integrated-interprovincial-crossing-plan.

Manor Park Sustainability Series

We are launching a new Community Sustainability Series in Manor Park! 😍 This will be a 2-part workshop series in collaboration with the Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City (OBEC) and will take place online via Zoom on Thursday October 15th 7:30-9PM & Tuesday, October 27th 7:30-9PM. The first session will cover the themes of transportation, energy, design, food and waste and the second will cover health, habitat, natural capital, recreation and sense of place. You can register for the series here or by emailing environment@manorparkcommunity.ca.

Open Letter from the MPCA to Elected Representatives

Urgent Action Needed to Protect Children's Active Transportation to Schools - Particularly In Manor Park

14 August 2020

Dear Mayor Watson, OCDSB, CEPEO and Honorable Representatives:

We are writing to you with urgent concerns about the safety of children and youth travelling to and from school through the Manor Park neighbourhood this school year, starting in September 2020. We can expect that due to concerns regarding possible spread of COVID-19 on school buses and public transit, many additional parents will decide to drive their children to school in private vehicles. Also, increased numbers of students will be coming to school by walking and rolling (bicycles, scooters, etc). Taken together, the increased vehicle traffic and children walking and rolling to school presents an increased risk to student safety around schools, especially for children who use active transportation means.

Encouraging active transportation makes sense as it reduces potential exposure to COVID-19 for children travelling to and from school, while at the same time having many health co-benefits, for example improved concentration at school. It is also a measure with the potential to particularly benefit children living in poverty, whose parents may not be in a position to drive them to school and would otherwise be more likely to require bussing to school, increasing their risk of exposure to COVID-19. Parents are already getting official communications from schools and the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA) in this regard. The OSTA clearly states on their website: “It is recommended that parents and students use active transportation to get to school as much as possible. Walking and rolling the whole way, or part of the way, will reduce traffic around the school and provide a mask-free experience.” The motion unanimously passed by Councillor Riley Brockington on active transportation on July 15th endorses active transportation and promises re-painted school zone cross walks and traffic calming lines and a public safety campaign. The City needs to do more than PROMOTE active transportation. It needs to create safe ROUTES for students to travel to their schools. Families have had enough to worry about this year with COVID19. They should not need to worry about their children getting injured or killed by a car on their way to school.

Of particular concern in the vicinity of Manor Park are the main arteries of St. Laurent Blvd North, Hemlock Road and Beechwood Avenue. Despite the presence of flexi-posts on St. Laurent Blvd North and Hemlock Road, and a Radar Speed sign on Hemlock Road, speeds along all of these routes regularly surpass 50km/h. Flexi-posts do not provide an adequate level of safety and separation for children trying to use these roads to get to school riding bicycles.

This sudden shift in school transportation needs due to COVID19 provides an opportunity to improve health, increase the uptake of more sustainable and active transportation options for children and youth, and improve safety around schools. However, if infrastructure changes are not made now, children’s safety is at risk. The last thing we want is for a child or parent to be seriously injured or even killed while simply trying to get to school

We propose a number of measures that could be implemented quickly and increase safety:
1) Reduce speed limits to 40km/h AND increase enforcement of speed on St. Laurent Blvd North of Montreal Road, Hemlock Road and Beechwood Avenue.
2) Minimize private vehicle use on roads immediately adjacent to schools during school days/hours, reducing congestion near the school and encouraging driving parents to drop their children off at a further distance and have them walk at least part-way to school. ActiveTO’s Quiet streets initiative could provide a model for this as outlined here: https://www.toronto.ca/home/covid-19/covid-19-protect-yourself-others/covid-19-reduce-virus-spread/covid-19-activeto/covid-19-activeto-quiet-streets/)
3) Rapidly install temporary measures to convert current bike lanes with flexi-posts into fully protected and separated lanes (ie. concrete curbs between flexi-posts). Of note, the city of Toronto added physical separation to bike lanes rapidly in the spring of 2020 as part of its ActiveTO initiative in response to COVID19, in some cases within 2 weeks! https://www.cycleto.ca/news/growing-activeto-bike-lanes). Plan to maintain these routes through the winter as is done for key cycling routes in other winter cities such as Montreal.
4) Beechwood Avenue should have a rapid temporary installation of separated bike lanes with flexi-posts and concrete curbs and re-alignment such that bike lanes are immediately adjacent to sidewalks and not between parked cars and moving traffic. This has been successfully implemented on McArthur Ave. and along traditional main streets in other cities, as in the Bloor Street Bike Lane project in Toronto with considerable safety benefits for ALL road users, increased cyclist volumes, minimal travel time increases for motorists and successful implementation of curbside pick-up/drop-off and parking mitigation measures. (https://www.toronto.ca/services-payments/streets-parking-transportation/cycling-in-toronto/cycle-track-projects/bloor-street-bike-lanes/).
5) Install more bike racks at schools or on city property near schools so there is enough storage space for students to securely lock their bikes during the school day.

We recognize these measures may seem ambitious and that time is limited for changes before the school year begins. However, COVID19 has shown that things can change quickly when the need and the motivation is great. If there is a time to make active transportation safer and more accessible to school children, it is now. We trust that you are aware of recent federal government announcements including Minister McKenna announcing the $3.3-billion COVID-19 Resilience funding stream that accelerates spending under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, highlighting that it can be accessed quickly by municipalities for projects including safe cycling and walking paths. We look forward to working with you to make safe active transportation a priority for children and youth who travel to school within Manor Park.


Elizabeth J. McAlllister
President, MPCA

Sixth Interprovincial Bridge Update

The MPCA has authored a letter to MP Mona Fortier in response to recent news stories about a proposed 6th interprovincial crossing. Please read the letter here and get in touch with the MPCA via email if you have anything to add.

MPCA Annual General Meeting

The MPCA’s Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday May 29, 2019 at the Terry Fox Canadian Youth Centre, 1805 De Gaspé Ave. Materials from the AGM are linked below:

Manor Park Chronicle

MP Community Council website

Community resources

MPCA Mission

The MPCA’s mission is to create a healthy, inclusive and safe environment in which to work and live by giving a voice to all Manor Park Community Members. We partner with our sister organizations in Manor Park, governments, East End Community Associations and other organizations.

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