Terms of Reference [DRAFT]

The main objective of the DRC is to ensure that any proposed development within or directly contiguous to Manor Park maximizes positive impacts and minimizes negative impacts on the lifestyle, interests and property of the residents of Manor Park.

To achieve this objective, members of the DRC will need to review and monitor any proposed development from its conception to its completion.

Activities to be shared amongst the DRC members during the review/monitoring process will include but not be limited to the following:

  1. Attend a “Pre-consult” (Pre-application Consultation) meeting. The intent of a Pre-consult meeting is to agree on the plans and studies that must be submitted by the developer to the City in applying for a development. The developer may then submit a formal Development Application.
  2. Review all plans, studies, documents, etc. submitted to the City by the developer as part of the Development Application Process.
  3. Attend all public meeting, open houses, development review meetings, etc. regarding the proposed development.
  4. Provide input, comments, concerns to the City regarding impacts of the development on Manor Park including but not limited to:
    • housing
    • commercial facilities
    • parks
    • recreation facilities
    • entertainment facilities
    • transportation such as traffic, cycling, transit, walking
    • drainage
    • safety
    • noise
    • air pollution, dust
    • vibrations
    • other urban infrastructure
    • different groups including gender considerations and people with special needs
  5. Liaise with MPCA Transportation and Safety Committee and MPCA Environment Committee to review relative development details.
  6. Monitor the implementation of the development to ensure that all the conditions imposed by the Plan of Subdivision or other approval documents are adhered to.

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