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October 2018 – traffic calming near Manor Park Public School

Members of the community have expressed concern about traffic safety on Thornwood Rd.  The issue is that many parents use Thornwood to drop off children attending MPPS or the daycare. This results in congestion on Thornwood at peak times and the risk that a small child may rush into the traffic lane from between stopped vehicles, unseen by an oncoming vehicle, or a child threading around stopped cars could be struck by a vehicle that is parking or entering the roadway.

MPCA has raised this issue with Coun. Nussbaum’s office as part of our ongoing traffic calming discussions. More visible No Stopping signs have now been installed along the east side of Thornwood between the parking bay and Eastbourne. The original idea was to supplement the signs by placing flexiposts to delineate a “walkway”/shoulder on the east side, but City staff had objections. The suggested alternate proposal was to paint edge lines along both the east and west sides of Thornwood. The shoulders delineated by the lines can’t be wider than 1.5m because the two travel lanes require 6 metres. The concept is that the white lines will: visually narrow Thornwood, reducing vehicle speeds; delineate a no-vehicle area on the east side (similar to a bike lane); and provide a parking guide on the west side.

MPCA is somewhat skeptical of the effectiveness of this measure, but agreed to its implementation this fall see how it operates and to observe any impact on parking and walking behaviour, e.g. if there is damage to lawns on the west side. Depending on the results, we could request annual repainting of the lines or request that they not be repainted next year and continue to advocate for other measures.

What can you do?

  1. MPCA urges parents to use active transportation (walking or cycling) while taking children to MPPS. This is better for their health and safety and for the environment.
  2. If you must use a motor vehicle, never stop or park on the east side of Thornwood and pay special attention for children that might be difficult to see.
  3. Express your views on the white edge lines or the issue more generally to Coun, Nussbaum’s office, with a copy to MPCA.

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