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Dear Neighbours,

Attached are MPCA’s draft comments on the narrow but vital issues to be addressed by the City planners regarding the application for an Official Plan Amendment by Manor Park Management:  Height, Density, Parks and a “Social Contract”

There are 41 new mid rises and high rises being proposed for our community of 8,000 people.

Feel free to use the document to inspire your participation at the meeting on June 14, Monday night at 6:30-8:30 with Councillor King and Lalit Aggarwal with City Planners and Fotenn planners. (See below an excerpt from Councillor Kings email  with sign up info and last week’s meeting video/presentation).

After MPCA Board approval, the paper will be formally submitted to the Andrew McCreight, the City Planner responsible for recommendations to Council.

A special thank you to the Development Review Committee Members, and the residents across Manor Park who contributed to the paper. We have also drawn from our survey of over 500 Manor Parkers about what matters to them about our community!

For a fuller version of our suggestions and concerns see our May 10 submission to the City here.

See you Monday night!

Thank You

Elizabeth McAllister, President MPCA

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